About Monsson Group

Bringing a wind farm to life is a laborious and time-consuming process, involving a great amount of resources. Established in 1997, Monsson Group has focused on renewable energy since 2004 and became a major wind farm developer country wide with more than 2400 MW projects in its portfolio. Driven by the hard work of 150 specialized employees, Monsson Group performs a wide range of services for wind farms comprising development, construction, operation, maintenance, service and electricity trading.

Energy demand is on a constant rise due to increasing population and further industrialization, at the same time fossil fuel reserves are diminishing. The pressing global demand of finding solutions for the climate change is today’s problem that will influence tomorrow. Through the forces of Nature we are enabled to have a security of supply and a sustainable electricity generation, thus we see Nature as the only solution of today’s energy problem.

- Established in 1997
- Family owned business
- Core activity: renewable energy
- Strong focus on wind energy since 2004
- Development, construction and operation of wind farms
- Wind portfolio developed or under development: more than 2.4 GW
- Grid approval secured for more than 1700 MW
- Developed the largest onshore wind farm in the world outside USA
- 1 MW solar farm fully developed
- Highly skilled staff of over 180 employees

Monsson Operation
  • Commercial and administrative operation
  • Technical operation of WTGs
  • Technical operation for medium and high voltage equipment
  • Maintenance and service for WTGs and electrical equipment
  • WTG rotor inspection and repair
EMON Electric

Founded in 1998 from the vision and courage of a team of Romanian entrepreneurs passionate about their profession with a lot of responsibility to society, Emon Electric company, is today a leading regional turnkey products and services, operating in sectors Electricity Transmission and Distribution Industry, electrical Traction and Telecommunications Infrastructure. 

Wind Power Energy
  • Wind power forecasting
  • Security and video monitoring
  • Consultancy services
  • Wind farm communication infrastructure
  • Aviation lights for wind turbines
Monsson Energy Trading
  • Electricity trading
  • End-user power supply
Monsson Alma
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Due diligence
Monsson Nordic

Monsson Nordics

Monsson Logistic
Monsson Hydro Services
  • Design and manufacture of hydraulic turbine drive and control
    •speed digital controllers including alternative closures related crash hydraulic turbines;
    •operative valves butterfly, spherical, flat, blind, etc ;
    •sector gates and weirs bottom purge valve;
    •unloaded valves and emergency;
    •braking system;
    •oil injection system bearing bearings.
  • Achievement hydraulic force and control
  • Plumbing integration achieved in complex hydraulic systems
  • Approved design and execution of electrical power and automation related numerical hydraulic systems realizedUpgrading plumbing / existing air in order to achieve superior operating characteristics, safety and reliability
  • Achievement hydraulic sealing systems related parts:
  • achieving quotas for mechanical measurements sealing system   
    and guide bushes;replacement sealing systems.
    • Replacement of hydraulic hoses and hydraulic connection elements
    • Realization of automatic greasing and lubrication of mechanical assemblies, hydraulic integration in their automation system
    • Automatic cleaning grills
    • Hydraulic Consultancy and technical assistance
    • Project Management

Orchid Maintenance is the most cost-effective choice for any company that wishes to invest in green energy produced by wind turbines. Following an elaborate strategy, developed specifically for each project, our top technicians have become masters at optimizing and maximizing wind turbine production at a lower cost per kWh. We truly belive that a strong partnership requiers a flawless communication. Project owners have full acces to maintenance records, productivity/efficiency logs, real-time progress reports, control over spare parts and defects.