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Bringing a wind farm to life is a laborious and time-consuming process, involving a great amount of resources. Established in 1997, Monsson Group has focused on renewable energy since 2004 and became a major wind farm developer country wide with more than 2400 MW projects in its portfolio. Driven by the hard work of 500 specialized employees, Monsson Group performs a wide range of services for wind farms comprising development, construction, operation, maintenance, service and electricity trading. Energy demand is on a constant rise due to increasing population and further industrialization, at the same time fossil fuel reserves are diminishing. The pressing global demand of finding solutions for the climate change is today’s problem that will influence tomorrow. Through the forces of Nature we are enabled to have a security of supply and a sustainable electricity generation, thus we see Nature as the only solution for today’s energy problem.
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Monsson teams have successfully completed another project. Although challenging, with the execution of this project we have improved personally, professionally, as a team.

Congratulations to all the technical teams that participated!
Congratulations to all the departments at the headquarters who supported the project step by step!

CONGRATULATIONS to all those who contributed and supported this project.
The experience gained now will help us to pass the following challenges.

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✅new country
✅new project
✅new turbine type
✅new challanges
The key to #success is to focus on #goals , not obstacles.

Thanks to all teams on the field and all people involved, it lead to a project well done.

#Yes, we can.

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