General Statistics

Remote monitoring and dispatch

We perform the remote monitoring and dispatch by using a highly equipped control center. There are monitored and dispatched multiple assets from both wind and solar (wind turbines, substations, main transformer stations, inverters, solar modules) through 15 individual SCADA systems and 2 centralized SCADA systems.

Technical operation and asset management

The technical operation and asset management services are critical to optimizing returns from a wind farm. We are offering both preset and customized operation and maintenance packages for both wind turbines and BoP, so therefore we can cover any project needs for an extended lifetime and an increased efficiency.

Annual and semi-annual planned maintenance

We perform planned maintenance tasks according to the specifications included in the maintenance manuals released by the OEMs. Due to our extended know-how in the field, we can come with strategies and solutions which can optimize the duration and improve the maintained equipment and parts functionality.

Rotor blades maintenance

We perform blades inspection by using the rope access technique and blades repair by using rope access or suspended platform techniques. Both two close-up techniques allow us to effectively identify, record, restore and/or repair a great variety of defects and damages anywhere on the blades. Monsson Operation is an approved supplier of blade manufacturer TPI Composites.

Gearbox video-endoscopy

We perform gearbox video-endoscopy by using a high-performance industrial borescope – the Mentor Visual IQ. This inspection aims to evaluate the overall condition status of the gearbox, as well as of the gear oil, bearings, cogs and sprockets.

Condition monitoring through vibration analysis

We perform vibration analysis by using a top efficient offline portable system – the SKF WindCon, equipped with 8 reading sensors. The analysis aims to evaluate the condition and time evolution of mechanical moving parts through a diagnosis based on frequency spectrum and wavelet analysis.

Major components exchange

We perform and have experience in major components exchange covering the whole range of equipment installed in the turbine: generator, gearbox, transformer, bearings, rotor, nacelle main shaft and main bearing.

Service lift and ladder inspections

We provide safety checks of the lifting equipment (bloc stop, limit switch, etc.), in compliance with the legal requirements according to ISCIR & Tractel Regulations. We also perform periodic inspections of the lifting equipment according to OEM’s specifications.

Gearbox and hydraulic oil exchange

The 7H8N-4 GOEX oil change installation unit has all the features of the 1E6M-4 open style trailer only in an enclosed cargo trailer. The installation is insulated and heated – it’s perfect for cold weather climates and performing oil changes in less-than-ideal conditions.